The soils in the Dallas Fort Worth area are known to cause many problems with local homeowners. Over time home foundation will settle leading to cracks in the foundation walls and drywall, floors will become unlevel, doors will stick shut, etc. So what causes all these foundation problems?

What Causes Foundation Problems?

There are a variety of things that can lead to foundation problems. Here are a few of the more common issues. The soil around a home will shrink and expand with the weather. When the soil is saturated with rain it will swell and press against the footing and the foundation walls. When the soil dries out it will shrink and contract causing less pressure on your home. In time this can lead to cracks in the foundation walls, the drywall, and unlevel floors, etc. Too much expansive soil against your home can also cause bowed foundation walls.

Drainage can also lead to foundation damage. Constant moisture in concentrated areas can cause the soil to settle. Poor grading of a yard can cause water to pool against the foundation which can cause damage to the home's foundation as well. 

Trees that are too close to the home are dangerous. As the tree continues to grow the roots will expand underground and can push against the foundation causing cracks and bowed walls.

Inferior ground preparation can cause foundations to fail. Soft, low density soils or improperly compacted soil beneath a home is one of the leading causes of foundation failure. There is not much a homeowner can do to prevent this, since it is up to the home builder to let the soil settle before beginning construction.

Is There a Solution?

Yes! There is a solution to all of your foundation problems. At HomeSmith we provide permanent foundation repair done the right way. We have built our business on providing quality foundation repair services and standing behind our work. We use only the best foundation piers available and offer the best warranties in town. Read more about our foundation piering system, the DynaPier® here.